Psychological Testing & Neuropsychological Evaluations
to assist with:

- ​Clarifying diagnosis

- Informing treatment planning

- Requesting specialized academic or occupational services        such as a 504, IEP, or ADA plan

- ​Identifying strengths, weaknesses, & needs

- ​Monitoring changes, progress, and response to intervention

- ​Measuring IQ

- ​Identifying learning differences

- Career planning

We provide testing for individuals age 5 and older. 
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Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy to help address issues such as:

- ​Childhood behavior problems

- Emotional struggles including anxiety and depression

- ​Marital difficulties

- ​Effective parenting

- ​Anger Management

- ​Coping with stressors

- ​Trauma

To learn more about therapy  including what to expect for the first appointment, click here!

Consultation with:

- ​Schools, such as participating in Section 504 or IEP meetings 

- Other professionals including physicians and therapists

- ​Friends and family of the client

- ​Community Resources

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