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Kristy Money, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Money is a licensed psychologist with specialized training/experience in neuropsychology and trauma. She earned her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University, an APA-accredited Ph.D. program in Provo, Utah. As part of her doctoral degree, Dr. Money wrote her dissertation on the topic of youth suicide prevention.  She also conducted research on test construction, particularly of measuring resilience in children, complicated grief, and outcomes of therapy in university counseling centers. 


Following her coursework and dissertation, Dr. Money completed her APPIC pre-doctoral internship at 4M Youth Services both counseling and assessing incarcerated juvenile sex offenders.  She then finished a 1-year, postdoctoral neuropsychology assessment fellowship with Dr. Miriam Defant at Clinical and Support Options in Greenfield, Massachusetts.   She also conducted postdoctoral research with Dr. Lisa Wexler at University of Massachusetts--Amherst in native sucide prevention in the Polar North.  While researching at UMASS, she audited courses in community health education, public health, critical race theory, and program evaluation.   


Dr. Money has written hundreds of comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations over the course of her training and professional career: both in community mental health, academia, private practice. Having graduated with a double-major in both English and Psychology, she is passionate about writing, researching, and helping children, youth, adults, and families.   


Dr. Money is also a lecturer at Texas State University - San Marcos, and has taught graduate courses in psychopathology, principles of psychological assessment, research methods, group therapy in school settings, and play therapy.   Her areas of expertise include healing from religious trauma, PTSD, forensic psychology, postpartum and peripartum mood disorders, infertility counseling/assessment, and neuropsychological effects of long-COVID/living through a worldwide pandemic.


To learn more about Dr.  Money’s experience, see her curriculum vitae.  


Not only a psychologist, Dr. Money self-identifies as a child rights advocate, community organizer, activist, gardener, and her favorite title:  mom to five miracle babies. 

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